GenepoweRx launches OncoRx for Personalized Cancer Solutions

Cancer has shown an alarming rise globally and domestically in the last decade.  Globally cancer cases witnessed a jump of 21{7a722f13b952edd9ba8e4f746a234d197b0b27529fbd0e6e2a2fe7fef0032db9} in the last decade.  As per the IHME study – Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 Analysis, cancer-related deaths have risen to 26{7a722f13b952edd9ba8e4f746a234d197b0b27529fbd0e6e2a2fe7fef0032db9}.  Besides rising pollution, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and hereditary causes, most of them are sporadic.  GenepoweRx, a Hyderabad-based health tech company, has launched OncoRx.  The product helps predict accurate response or resistance to targeted immune therapies for more advanced cancer patients than traditional molecular testing.  Every cancer is unique, and so is its treatment and the individual’s body’s response to it. 

In India, Cancer Statistics Report projected an incidence of 94.1 per 100,000 men, and for women, it was 103.6 per 100,000.  According to the Indian Council for Medical Research report on the ‘Burden of cancers in India,’ the topmost cancers in India that came to the forefront are lung, breast, esophagus, mouth, stomach, liver, and cervix uteri.  This is leading to an increased burden on the country’s healthcare budget.

Research has showcased that if the cancer is diagnosed in the initial stages, the survival chances increase multifold.  Also, in case of cancer history in the family, it is essential to get genetic screening done in order to start following the preventive measures.

Growth in technology and research has thrown new light on understanding the biology of cancer.  Many new treatments and medicines are being developed to increase the chances of survival, control the disease and lessen the side effects. 

Next-Generation Sequencing is one such technology that is creating ripples in the medical world.  It assists in understanding multiple pathways resulting in the development of precision medicine.  This has led to improved speed and accuracy while reducing the cost of sequencing.  Precision medicine ensures designing a personalized cancer treatment based on an individual’s genes and helps the patient respond better to the medicines, thus increasing the survival chances.

 GenePower (by K&H) utilizes MSK’s Precision Oncology Knowledge Base, the only FDA-recognized database for 127 cancer types and 108 FDA-approved drugs.  MSK’s clinical and study insights into gene mutations associated with solid tumors are clubbed with K&H’s proprietary database to provide accurate recommendations for the Indian population.

 Dr. Kalyan, founder GenepoweRx, shares, “There is an alarming increase in cancer cases in the last decade.  The worrying thing is the rise in colorectal cancer, a condition not so common three decades ago, especially among youngsters.  We can pin the blame on pollution, obesity, the environment, and genetic reasons behind the rise, but most cases are sporadic.  Targeted therapies will be a first or second option for chemotherapy.  More sequencing of tumor cells is needed.  It is necessary for the researchers, scientists, and oncologists to collaborate and create a database relevant to India”.

GenepoweRx, the only company in the Genomics space led by physicians in India, has launched OncoRx for cancer treatment.  They have developed bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis. 

This product uses targeted genomic sequencing and analysis and provides crucial information to the physicians about druggable mutations in the patients, where targeted therapies are beneficial.  They use Next Generation Sequencing with Illumina NovaSeq sequencer, and the health tech uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make informed decisions.

In the medical field, no one can work in silos.  Sharing of databases and opening channels of communication between oncologists, pathologists, and genome specialists will lead to the development of better treatment choices for the patient.  Though there is increased cancer frequency, so is the tremendous rise in the advances in the battle against cancer.   A combined effort by having a shared database will give crucial genetic information prevalent at the community level to make informed choices and effectively improve available treatments.  

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