How to kill the cancer cells with Food and What is called Proto-Oncogenes?

When you have cancer cells in your body, then you should focus on your eating process. The food which you have taken is really important during cancer. You have to stay strong enough and you will be in the need of calories and enough nutrients. Then only you will physically strong to fight against the cancer cells.

People, who are having cancer, can’t take their daily routine food, because with the normal food they will not able to fight against the cancer disease, which makes them feel low and hard physically. Your needs will totally differ during and later the cancer therapy.

During medication, most of the cancer patients, don’t feel to eat as normal. To avoid that difficult diet, you have to think and take which foods kill cancer cells, and then only you can cure as soon as possible. 

How to take the food before therapy?

Before started to take the medicine, you should concentrate on fine food to eat for your appetite. You can’t able to know which food will affect you while having cancer and what type of side effects you will face when you eat unhealthy foods. So for that reason, read the below upcoming articles to know which foods kill cancer cellsthis will help you to understand and know better foods used for cancer treatment and for your body best.

This also acts as a good idea when you feel like don’t want to eat anything. Buy and fill your refrigerator with healthy fruits, especially buy no need for cook items and less cooking foods such as veggies, nuts, yogurt, applesauce, pre-shopped veggies, etc. In rice and grains, items buy brown rice and whole grains, because these types of food are easily digestible and also makes your body strong and healthy.

During cancer-curing treatment, you may in the need of your friends and family, because they are the ones who can bring you food in the hospital when you stay in bed.

What are food items have to eat during the treatment?

While having treatment at the hospital or clinic, most of the patients don’t want to eat food, because during that time they feel depressed mentally and physically.

Some of the people will go to the last stage of the cancer, during that time they aren’t able to do anything they want. To avoid these difficulties, try to eat more proteins and calories based foods. This will help you to handle yourself as a strong person and helps to cure the damages that occur to your body during treatment. The high protein foods are chicken, eggs, fish, beans, cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.

How proto-oncogenes produce cancer cells?

It is a group of usual genes that helps to grow the cells of your body completely. The proto oncogenes are completely different from oncogenes because the gene cells create cancer cells in the body.

The main reason for causing cancer cells is due to the formation of extra uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. In this type of process, the proto oncogenes are also involved; there is always a possibility that it can able to turn into oncogenes as permanently on your body. This will create more number of cancer cells.

What are the functions of proto-oncogenes?

It will also act as usual genes on each person’s body. They have each, important information’s about proteins and it gives the response to your body.

  • It handles the cells productions
  • Prevents the cause of cell death

Their process is most important for the complete growth of the cells and it will assist to maintain the healthy and good tissues on your body.

When it transformed into oncogenes, it will create many cancer cells and it will start more dangerous impacts on your health, it may lead to death to a person if you don’t go to the doctor and take the proper treatment.

It totally gets activated and provides extra proteins to the cancer cells when compared to the normal cells; it will grow faster than the normal cells. These ones will lead to the cancer tumor in any part of your body. Most of the people got affected due to this reason and they even don’t know what is happening inside their own body, after some days, they will come to know that they are affected by the cancer.

Why it is transformed into oncogenes? 

In most of the situations, this transformation is done when the cell gets not inherited properly, but don’t think it comes as gene-wise, at some point of life due to some reasons it may happen on your body.

Some of this transformation will occur due to the infection of the retrovirus, smoke, or any other reasons. Keep away from smoking and when you got infected by the virus, instantly go to the doctor and examine your body completely.

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