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How To Take Care Of Skin After 30 Tips From a Beautician

By the age of thirty, it is beginning to tell about the first wrinkles, the early signs of facial skin fading, are felt. Lines appear in the lips, eyes, forehead, the complexion becomes not as smooth as it was only a few years ago, and its healthy glow is lost.

To provide competent, proper and timely care for the skin of the face after 30 years, it is not necessary to visit only a beautician or beauty salons; you can do the entire procedures at home.

From the age of 30, every woman needs to treat her appearance more carefully and precisely. It should be clarified, it is not worth waiting for precisely 30 years, for someone the process of loss of elasticity, skin elasticity can occur much earlier, for someone much later, 30 years is an approximate average age. Therefore, at this stage of life, any errors or neglect of appearance will not pass unnoticed and overwhelmingly leave serious problems.

Skincare at this age must be comprehensive. Do not be obsessed with anyone way to save youth and beauty salon products, and homemade methods of face care are excellent, from an option you need to take only the best and suitable only for you. By the age of 30, every woman already knows her skin type, especially its structure, methods of care, appropriate or not suitable components and cosmetic preparations.

Besides that, you should already follow several rules and recommendations:

  • In addition to facial skincare, do not forget about the neck, with insufficient attention, it can tell about the age of a woman.
  • Try even occasionally, but to visit a cosmetologist, professional help, especially after 30 years, will not go amiss.
  • Skin care after 30 years involves the use of fruit and berry masks for the face.
  • Take at least 7 hours of sleep a day, of course, it is sometimes impossible to do this, but it is sleep that gives the skin a proper rest: the muscles of the face are relaxed, there is no ultraviolet radiation, there is no exposure to an aggressive environment, there are no temperature drops, etc.
  • At bedtime, refrain from any liquid to prevent the appearance of puffiness after sleep. Liquid consumption per day should not be less than half a liter.
  • If you cannot suddenly and immediately give up bad habits: smoking, alcohol, then sometimes try to refrain. In principle, it is up to you to decide, and the choice is yours: beauty and health or …
  • Make it a rule not to do a light massage of the neck and face daily. It will be enough for 10-20 minutes a day, and soon, you will notice how the skin tone will increase.
  • Use face cream: moisturizing (at least twice a day), nourishing, depending on the condition and skin type. Pay attention to the composition of creams, at the age of 30, give preference to those that contain more vitamins A, E, C, and collagen.
  • Pay special attention to the skin around the eyes, use masks, creams, and other means that are designed to solve the problems of these particular areas of the face.
  • Adjust the daily ration, increase the content of vegetable (from celery, parsley, cabbage) and fruit juices, as well as green tea. Try to abandon fast food.
  • Contrast washing tones the skin very well, try. If possible, the mineral water for skin care after 30 years will be beneficial.

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